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Business Solar Installation

Our solar installation for businesses require zero upfront costs and zero risk is carried by the individual. Payment is based on our system performance. Business Solar Installation From solar car ports to mW systems, our […]

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Solar Solutions Information

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Water Harvesting

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Solar Solutions

We have a wide variety of solar solutions and products that cater for both commercial and domestic markets.Our solar products have a wide variety of applications to choose from, such as:Taking homes completely off the […]

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Water Solutions

We have a wide variety of water and filtration solutions that cater for both of the commercial and domestic markets. Rainwater Harvesting Our water and filtration products have a wide variety of applications to choose […]

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Solar Installation and Water Harvesting Company

Another client joining the Grid Freedom Group family with our Solar Installations

The Leading Trusted Solar Installation and Water Harvesting Solution Company

We are leaders in the installation and supply of various solar systems, solar panels, inverters and water harvesting solutions. These systems aid your home or business in reducing electricity/water costs, while becoming less dependent on the grid. Contact Us for a free quote and inquire about our range of exciting finance options. Let us help you begin your renewable journey!

Dozens of businesses have joined the Grid Freedom Group family by using our new commercial finance option. This requires zero upfront capital, whilst zero financial risk is placed upon the business and its owners. These businesses experience immediate savings from day one, thanks to their new form of power - solar energy.

Grid Freedom Group was formed due to the ongoing increase of energy and water costs, as well as the unpredictable supply for homes and businesses in South Africa. Through an exciting approach, we are able to offer a holistic solution to lowering your carbon footprint while increasing your water conservation. We strive to be South Africa's trusted Solar Installation and Water Harvesting Solution brand.

We have solar and water installation teams situated throughout Southern Africa - major areas being Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Our teams are comprised of qualified individuals who ensure each installation is a seamless process and that we remain one of the countries leading providers for home and business owners alike.

Each of our Solar Installations abide by NRS097 and local standards. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and customer service.

Is Solar financially feasible?
The simple answer to this is most definitely. With electricity tariffs increasing exponentially, as it has in the past few years, it will continue to do so - not to mention the unpredictable supply. Once our solar system is installed, clients have seen pay back periods as low as 2 years - never to experience an electrical price increase again.

How long does the process normally take?
Once one of our reps conducts a free site assessment and you are quoted, the process will start as soon as we receive deposit. For home installations we usually say around 5 working days and you will have you solar system up and running. For businesses, it is harder to say, as we like to try and fit in with the operating hours of the business - we even operate on weekends.