The Leading Trusted Solar Installation, Water Harvesting Solution and Battery Backup Company

We are the leaders in the installation and supply of various solar systems, solar panels, inverters, battery backup, solar geysers, solar hot water and water harvesting solutions. These systems aid your home or business in reducing electricity/water costs, while becoming less dependent on the grid for power. Contact Us now for a free quote and we will be sure to send you a quote within 24 hours. We also offer a wide range of financing options. Let us help you begin your renewable journey!

Grid Freedom Group was formed due to the ongoing increase of energy and water costs, as well as the unpredictable supply of power to homes and businesses in South Africa. Through an exciting approach, we are able to offer a holistic solution to lowering your carbon footprint while increasing your water conservation. We strive to remain as South Africa's trusted Solar Installation and Water Harvesting Solution brand and have a track record to prove it.

We have solar and water installation teams situated throughout Southern Africa - major areas being Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Our teams are comprised of qualified individuals who ensure each installation is a seamless process and that we remain one of the countries leading providers.

Each of our Solar Installations abide by NRS097, estate regulations and local standards. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and customer service.

Is going solar really worth it?

With the cost of solar at an all time low, paired with the cost of electricity at an all time high, we are assisting clients every day with their journey into becoming independent from South Africa's unstable grid. Clients are investing in these systems and paying them off with electrical savings in anywhere between 2 to 5 years.

Why is an installation so expensive?

This is not always the case and is a common misconception. The cost of solar is drastically reducing as technology advances, also paired with the fact that we tailor design systems to the clients needs. Contact us now for a quote and we promise to reply to you within 24 hours, with an aim to get you started on your renewable journey.

How long does the process normally take?

Once one of our reps conducts a free site assessment and you are quoted, the project will start as soon as we receive deposit. For home installations we usually say around 5 working days and you will have your solar system up and running. For businesses it is harder to say, as we need to accommodate the operating hours of the business - we even operate on weekends to install the system.

How long does a solar system last?

Once our systems are installed onto your home or business, you can expect the lifespan of the system to last anywhere between 10 to 25 years. Please note that this is also dependent on the care and maintenance after installation. We offer comprehensive warranties on all major components - up to 25 years on the solar panels, and up to 10 years on the inverters. Our team is also on call 24/7 to assist with any technical queries after installation.

What about business solar installations?

Dozens of businesses have joined the Grid Freedom Group family by using our new commercial finance option. This requires zero upfront capital, whilst zero financial risk is placed upon the business and its owners. These businesses experience immediate savings from day one, thanks to their new form of power - solar energy. Businesses hugely benefit from solar as the main draw of power is during sunlight hours. Therefore, while the business is operational, the sun is powering the business - drastically reducing the expense on electricity. Businesses also gain benefit from the tax incentive which is put into place by SARS.

If you are a business owner and would like to instantly increase your profits, contact us now.


Another client joining the Grid Freedom Group family with our Solar Installations