About Us

Grid Freedom Group was formed due to the ongoing increase of energy and water costs, as well as the unpredictable supply for homes and businesses in South Africa. Through an exciting approach, our company is able to offer a holistic solution to lowering your carbon footprint and increasing your water conservation. 

We have installation teams situated throughout Southern Africa - major areas being Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our teams are comprised of the highest caliber of qualified individuals that ensure each installation is a seamless process. We utilise the latest and highest quality technology which is designed specifically for each application. 

Is it financially feasible? 
Grid Freedom Group is able to offer systems that can give a return on your investment within a period of 3 to 6 years (system and location dependent).

What does Grid Freedom mean?
Grid Freedom means isolating or reducing your exposure to the grid*. This may be achieved by reducing or eliminating electricity and water from existing providers by harnessing natural resources with our solutions, which in turn reduces the harmful effects on the environment which are draining water sources and pollutants from power stations. 

*A grid is the supply of power / water from the local utility provider (the municipalities etc).