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We are leaders in the installation and supply of various Solar Systems, Solar Panels, Inverters, Battery Backup, Solar Geysers, Generators, Home Automation, Solar Hot Water and Rain Water Harvesting solutions in Durban and JHB. With hundreds of installations completed in both the Domestic and Commercial field, we aim to be the pioneers of a Green movement across South Africa. We have Solar and Rain Water Harvesting installation teams situated throughout Southern Africa - major areas being Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Our teams are comprised of qualified individuals who ensure each installation is a seamless process and that we remain one of the countries leading providers.

Is going solar really worth it?

Solar is considered a great return on investment in terms of return per annum. Whatever Rand value invested in the system, you will most likely see the system pay itself off between 2 to 6 years. No other investment scheme can offer the returns that solar can offer. Majority of our client portfolio has already paid their systems off and are enjoying living life with no negative effects of Load Shedding and electricity price increases. We believe in order to stay in our beautiful home country, aiming to take your homes off-grid is a must.

What about business solar installations?

As a business owner, the easiest thing to do to increase profits is to look at general expenses and what can be cut out, electricity is one of them. No matter what business you operate, you can benefit from solar. Our portfolio includes general business premises, chicken farms, medical centers etc. and we have saved them Millions of Rands jointly. We also offer exciting finance models which include a SARS tax incentive and zero upfront financing options. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about what options we can offer your business.


Client Testimonials

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Grid Freedom Group offered an exciting proposal to reduce our company's electricity costs. The installation was done in April 2019 and headed up by Ross Muller and his team. The project was completed within the promised deadline and soon the system was live. The overall installation was extremely neat and well executed. The Grid Freedom team also ensured that our day to day operations weren't affected at all during the integration to solar.

Since the date of installation, the solar system has produced 218 613kWh which equates to a rand value saving of R408,894.89 ex. VAT. This excludes the section 12B benefit from SARS which allowed us to benefit from a R280,000 tax incentive.


Allan Stuart Private Home Owner
" Professional, timeous and effortless - from questions through to installation!"
Greg Pederson Private Home Owner
"Grid Freedom Group listened to what I had to say, and they provided feedback on exactly what I was wanting to do. This was a huge installation and there have been no hassles despite the building being covered by a lot of shade. Grid Freedoms workmanship was really good and very neat. Everything was planned out in a practical manner and a thorough site inspection was done before any work was started. They listened to my needs and accommodated my requirements without questions."

Helping you with the start to your renewable energy journey!