Battery Backup

Gain Power Security With One Of Our Battery Backup (UPS) Solutions

From wanting to power lights and chargers to enjoying the life of your entire home being powered by batteries, we offer our clients the Freedom to choose what Battery Backup system suits their budget, and what appliances they would like to power during power-outages and load shedding.

Choose between our premium or standard packages:

  1. Premium Packages: These systems will offer a higher load of battery backup power for more convenience during load shedding. This system will be wired into your home or business's DB and will power the prioritized circuits of your choosing. Our range covers power outputs that start from 1.5kW and range above 8kW, while utilizing the top quality Lithium Ion batteries that are currently on the market.
  2. Standard Packages: These systems offer an affordable alternative to reduce the inconvenience of load shedding. Our basic portable setup is able to power your TV, WiFi, Cell phone chargers and a few lights.


We find that clients may also want to build their system in stages, we encourage this so that the renewable journey is not financially stressful as a once off upfront cost, but rather spread over a period of months. We often suggest to our clients to start with a Premium Package battery backup as the first product that we install. Following this, a few months after, we simply add panels to the battery backup system for it then to become a hybrid system.

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