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A water crises is next for South Africa, be prepared with us now.
Water Harvesting Solutions
Full System Packages Starting From
R23 800.00
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Independence From The Grid

Water Conservation

Drought Resilience

Utility Savings

Long-Term Sustainbility

Tailor-Designed Systems & Packages

Filtration For Safe Drinking Water

Municipal Backup

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Some Common Chemicals Found In Our Water Supply


This is intentionally added to kill micro-organisms in our municipal water supply, but has been linked to causing a wide variety of cancers in long term consumption.


This is intentionally added to our municipal water supply for tooth and dental health. However, Fluoride has been linked to mental disorders, calcification in the cardiovascular system and a host of other issues.

There is a significant decrease in exposure to these chemicals by drinking naturally provided rainfall, after being filtered and treated by our filtration systems. Our Rainwater Harvesting systems are intelligently designed to provide efficient harvesting of rainwater, and thorough filtration to reticulate the harvested water throughout your home – by use of UV filters, and 3-stage carbon filtration units. We also include a 20% capacity backup supply of water, to utilize during any water cuts.
Protect Your Water Security

Protect Your Water Security

We can live reasonably comfortable without power for a day, but no one can survive even a few hours without water. Hydration and hygiene all contribute to the reasoning behind our clienteles demand for Rainwater Harvesting systems. Cape Town experienced a water crisis not so long ago, and all indications are pointing towards a worldwide water crisis before the year 2040 if no one makes the change. Hundreds of thousands of liters fall onto our roofs each year, why not Harvest it?

Water security should be enough of a reason to consider a Rainwater Harvesting System, but if it is not, taking consideration into what is found in our water supply should offer more insight into the final decision.

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