Solar Installations for Homes

Solar Installations for Homes to Generate Your Own Power and Power Security

Solar Installations for Homes is one of the best investments any homeowner can make this year, in 2021. The prices of electricity are exponentially increasing, while the cost of going Solar is tumbling to an all time low. This makes for Return on Investments that not even the best investment banks can offer. If you invest R60 000 in a solar installation for your home, you will see that money back in your account, in savings, within at least a period of around 3 years - that is a 100% return in 3 years.

From the day the installation is complete, and the moment the sun rises, your system will be converting the Sun's photons into power that your home will then utilize.

We offer a variety systems that will be tailor-made to suit your requirements and budget:

  • Grid-tie: Generate power during sunlight hours
  • Battery Backup: Power essential loads during a power outage
  • Hybrid: Combination of the Grid-tie & Battery Back-up system - both Power Generation and Power Security
  • Off-Grid: Making solar energy your only form of power - completely removing your home off of the grid.
  • Solar Hot Water: Use the sun to power your geysers

We encourage our clients to have an end goal in mind and to aim to build their system to that point. For example; we suggest either starting with a battery backup, which we can later add panels turning it into a Hybrid system, or starting with a Grid-tie, which we later add batteries as well.

All of our products come with comprehensive warranties that range between 5 - 25 years on components.

Do you live in an estate?
Grid Freedom Group complies with your estates management associations and requirements so that the installation process is seamless and meets the estate requirements.

If cash flow is a problem for home owners to purchase these systems, there need be no worry as we offer custom finance options. We are also a trusted vendor for most Major banks.

Solar Power is an inevitable power source of the future, we want to join you on your journey.

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