Battery Back-Up (UPS) – Commercial

Battery Back-Up (UPS) - Commercial Specifications

The Grid Freedom Group Battery Backup system is a great choice for businesses who experience or who cannot afford to have any form of power failure.

The system is essentially a very large UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system which means that if there is a power failure, the battery backup system will kick in supplying power to the building via battery supply. During normal operation, when there is municipal mains present, the inverter will be working to charge the large battery bank. When the municipal mains supply falls away the charged batteries will then supply the power to the building. This system is also perfect for businesses that experience power surges that affect your appliances.

What our Battery Backup system includes:
- Full supply of all necessary components for the system.  
- In line DC & AC fuse and protection devices in case of surges and faults.
- Batteries and battery racks.
- Full Compliance Certification of products (SANS 61000-4-7/IEC 6100-4-7).
- Full system installation.
- 5 – 25 year guarantee on the Inverter.
- Assistance on how to finance the system (if needed) and how to insure it.

The important thing to understand is that this system has no link to any solar panels and/or power generation. It simply stores municipal mains power for later use when there is no municipal mains present. If you are looking for a battery backup system as well as a solar system to reduce monthly electricity bills and provide your own power then please see our Commercial Hybrid System.

Grid Freedom Group Battery Back up UPS - commercial