Off Grid Container Solution

Grid Freedom Group Off-Grid Container Solution

The Grid Freedom Group Off-Grid Container Solution is a practical and intelligent way to set up a construction site office, or any other office that does now does not require any connection to the grid.

Construction companies commonly find it a tough objective to create an onsite office at any of their construction sites. Majority of the time these offices take shape in the form of containers but often have a lack of municipal electricity and water supply. Over the years the demand of a full proof solution for this problem has become apparent, we at Grid Freedom Group are here to supply.

What our Off Grid Container Solution Includes:

  • Full supply of all necessary components for the system.
  • Custom designed Aircraft Grade aluminium mounting framework for the panels that offer variable positioning so that the panels may be positioned differently from site to site.
  • Small to large sized battery bank options – which will be charged during daylight hours to be used on overcast days or night shifts.
  • Optional generator changeover incase batteries deplete during multiple consecutive overcast days.
  • A tuck away feature that allows the panels to be packed away during transport.
  • Lockable functions that reduce the chance of theft on the equipment.
  • In line DC & AC fuse and protection devices in case of surges and faults.
  • Full Compliance Certification of products (SANS 61000-4-7 / IEC 6100-4-7).
  • Water proofing test to ensure that the panel installation has not compromised the water proofing of the roof.
  • Sign off from an ECSA certified professional Engineer (SANS 10142-3).
  • 25 year performance guarantee on solar panels.
  • 5 – 25 year guarantee on the Inverter.
  • Assistance on how to finance the system (if needed) and how to insure it.
  • Training course on how to use the mobile app (this is dependable on which inverter option is used).


This container solution offers a source of stable electricity to power any devices such as that of computers, chargers, radios and other equipment needed; as well as a pure supply of drinking water for staff members.

Please Note; we do not supply the container, but the entirety of the solar system.

Off Grid Container Solutions Diagram