Off Grid - Domestic

The Grid Freedom Group Off-Grid system is the most premier system removing your household completely off of municipal electricity supply.

During sunlight hours there are massive amounts of energy, up to 1000 Watts per square meter,  that are radiated from the sun onto your roofs, this energy is wasted simply by being converted into heat. While electricity costs are  exponentially increasing and supply is becoming unstable, this wasted energy can be converted into a form that is useful: Electricity. Converting these sun rays into electricity can then allow you to harness and supply your home removing the need of municipal electricity feeds.

The Off-Grid system will begin to generate electricity as the sun rises in the morning, increasing its production as the radiation from the sun increases throughout the day. This electricity generated from the panels will solely go towards keeping the large battery banks fully charged as well as run any day time loads. Once night time begins to set in, the radiation levels will drop resulting in lower to no power output from the panels therefore meaning that the charging of the batteries will begin slowing down until eventually stopping. Once the charging of the batteries have eventually stopped, the batteries will then provide power to the home throughout the night slowly depleting themselves before being charged backup the next morning.  

Easy to understand breakdown of how the system works:
1.) Sun rays fall onto the solar PV panels (located on either the roof or ground), from here it is converted into DC current.
2.) The DC current then flows through double insulated PV cable to the inverter.
3.) The inverter then works to both charge the batteries, as well as convert the power supplied from the batteries into AC current to be routed to the DB to supply the household loads.

Please note, an exciting feature of the Grid Freedom Group Off-Grid Solar Solution offers you the ability to monitor your solar system power production from wherever you are via a downloadable app!

What our Off-Grid system includes:

- Full supply of all necessary components for the system. 
- Custom designed Aircraft Grade aluminium mounting framework for the panels.
- In line DC & AC fuse and protection devices in case of surges and faults.
- Batteries and battery racks.
- Full Compliance Certification of products (SANS 61000-4-7/IEC 6100-4-7).
- Water proofing test to ensure that the panel installation has not compromised the water proofing of the roof.
- Sign off after the installation from an ECSA certified professional Engineer (SANS 10142-3).
- 25 year performance guarantee on solar panels.
- 5 – 25 year guarantee on the Inverter.
- Assistance on how to finance the system (if needed) and how to insure it.
- Training course on how to use the mobile app (this is dependable on which inverter option is used).

Please note, the Off-Grid system mentioned above is the most basic setup. We are able and have done installations in the past that include implementation of backup generators etc.

Grid Freedom Group Off Grid Domestic Solutions