Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water – Domestic

The Grid Freedom Group Solar Hot Water System is a great first step for desperate home owners to reduce their monthly utility bills.

During sunlight hours there are massive amounts of energy, up to 1000 Watts per square meter,  that are radiated from the sun onto your roofs, this energy is wasted simply by being converted into heat. With our Grid Freedom Group system, we are able to make use of that heat by conveniently heating up your water to eliminate or reduce the use of high wattage geysers.

The Solar Hot Water system will have panels known as collectors on the roof of your home. These panels then collect the heat from the sun, which will then transfer into the water that is fed through piping directly behind it – thus heating the water up. You can use your existing geyser in your roof for this system. This system works by utilising a smart controller and pump to take water from your geyser and circulate it through the panel, which heats the water up via the sun, and then circulates back into the geyser.

What our Solar Hot Water system includes:
- Full supply of all necessary components for the system. 
- Custom designed Aircraft Grade aluminium mounting framework for the panels.
- Full certified installation and sign off.
- SABS approved solar collector.
- Water proofing test to ensure that the system installation has not compromised the water proofing of the roof.
- Assistance on how to finance the system (if needed) and how to insure it.
- A 10 year warranty on the panel.
-Intelligent solar controller, this includes a battery back up to keep the pump going should there be a power failure. It also utilises a built in timer system so you never run out of hot water.

Grid Freedom Group Hot Water Solar Solutions
Grid Freedom Group Hot Water Solar Solutions