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Grid Freedom Group

With flexible finance options, we make it easy to instantly enjoy the benefits of solar with affordable monthly installments

Solar Installations For Homes

Solar Installations For Homes

Solar Installations for Homes is one of the best investments any homeowner can make this year, in 2022. With affordable financing options, we have solutions that allow for the solar installation to be paid off in affordable monthly installments over 36, 48 or 60 month periods.
Solar Power For Business

Solar Power For Business

As a business owner, there is always a drive to reduce expenses and increase profits, Solar Power for Businesses is a guaranteed way of generating a significant increase in these profits. For most businesses, the bulk of the power draw is during daylight hours, which is the prime time to be combating that expense with a Business Solar Installation.

Battery Backup

From wanting to power lights and chargers to enjoying the life of your entire home being powered by batteries, we offer our clients the Freedom to choose what Battery Backup system suits their budget, and what appliances they would like to power during power-outages and load shedding.
Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

We can live reasonably comfortable without power for a day, but no one can survive even a few hours without water. Hydration and hygiene all contribute to the reasoning behind our clienteles demand for Rain Water Harvesting systems.

Solar Hot Water

The most cost-effective way to begin saving money, and start your renewable journey, is to convert your power hungry geyser into a Solar Geyser – our clients, on average, save between 30 – 60% of their electricity bill during this Solar Hot Water conversion.
Borehole Solutions

Borehole Solutions

Power your borehole pump through the use of Solar Energy. We offer either the full installation, from the drilling of the borehole etc., to converting an existing borehole to solar.

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