Commercial Water Solutions

We have a wide variety of water and filtration solutions that cater for both commercial and domestic markets.

Our water and filtration products have a wide variety of applications to choose from, such as:

  • Harnessing rain water into tanks for water storage.
  • Filtering water sources into consumable forms.
  • Recycling your used water via grey-water filtration systems.
  • Pressurizing water, using high quality energy-efficient pumps.


Car washes are notorious water consumers. After the water rinses and cleanses the soap off of each vehicle it flows down a drain to never be seen again. Here at Grid Freedom Group we have designed a system which saves car washes thousands of rands each year through the recycling of the otherwise wasted water. Once the water rinses the vehicles, the water will then be collected in a drain which is then filtered and pumped back into a storage tank. Filtration will sift out solid particles such as dirt or sand etc. The water in the tank will then be filtered once more and then pumped back through the hose pipe when used again – thus greatly reducing any contact with municipal water supply.

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