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Solar Hot Water

We have completed hundreds of solar heating installations with a track record of proven savings and happy clients.

Convert existing your Power Hungry Geyser into a Solar Hot Water Geyser

Our PV heating kits make use of photovoltaic technology and a unique PTC AC/DC element to heat the water in the geyser by means of the sun’s energy converted to electrical energy. This differs from the traditional thermal hot water systems where water is cycled from a collector through pipes to the hot water cylinder, by either making use of a 220V pump, 12V pump or thermosiphon. Our system can save you up to 40-60% of your electricity bill.
Advantages Over Thermal Hot Water Systems

Advantages Over
Thermal Hot Water Systems

Any existing geyser can be converted

No Additional plumbing is required

No pumps necessary to circulate water

No risk of damaged panels in frost prone areas

The water temperature can be controlled on very hot summer days – reduced risk of overheating problems

Suitable in all water conditions

Suitable in areas where the geyser is not situated near the panels