Convert Your Existing Power Hungry Geyser Into A Solar Hot Water Geyser

The most cost-effective way to begin saving money, and start your renewable journey, is to convert your power hungry geyser into a Solar Geyser - our clients, on average, save between 30 - 60% of their electricity bill during this Solar Hot Water conversion. This is hugely beneficial, due to the fact that if they are eventually wanting to power their home with solar, their average usage is significantly less - leading to smaller and cheaper system requirements.

We offer two specific categories under the Solar Hot Water product range:

  1. Solar Geysers: This system is the latest product on the market. We simply retrofit a DC element inside of your existing geyser, which is then connected to solar panels on your roof. The panels then directly heat up the new element, providing free generation of heat. The cost of this system is significantly less than commonly used methods, due to the simplicity of the installation and utilization your existing geyser.
  2. Solar Pool/Jacuzzi Heating: These systems allow the sun’s energy to heat up your pool/jacuzzi, allowing you to use them throughout the year and not have them unused during the cold winter months. These solar heating systems promote significant savings compared to other Pool/Jacuzzi heating methods.


We have completed hundreds of solar heating installations with a track record of proven savings and happy clients. Contact one of our team members today for a free quotation.